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Are you struggling going up and down stairs?

Are you struggling going up and down stairs?

Mobility problems make getting around difficult, especially for older people, even within their own home. Stairs become one of the main obstacles in daily life, being the principal cause of falls.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of solutions available to help going up and down stairs offering maximum comfort and safety. Such as stair lifts, lift platforms and wheelchair lifts. Stairs lifts are a perfect solution for family homes, providing a simple way to go up and down stairs, in safety and comfort, without fear of falling.

Stair lifts are ideal for older people and those with reduced mobility. They are also foldable, so occupy very little space when in not use and can be fitted indoors or outdoors.


Can I fit a stair lift in my home?


Of course, you can. Firstly, all stair lifts are custom made for each staircase. Therefore, a technical advisor needs to visit your home to take measurements and will give you a no obligation quota, he will be able to advise you on the type of stair lift most suitable to your needs.


Válida sin barreras

Válida sin barreras is the reference company in Spain, for the installation of accessibility solutions. Válida sin barreras is leader in sales and has made more than 10.000 installations throughout Spain. They are a highly trusted company with experience and guarantee a job well done. Válida sin barreras only use the best brands on the market, all of which are produced in Europe to the most rigorous quality and safety standards.

If you have stairs in your property and want to continue enjoying life in your dream home, have a stair lift installed.

Trust the best, trust Válida sin barreras. 



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